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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m the designer doula, passionate about birth and art. Birth is the primal act of a woman’s life, fueled by instinct and wonder. I would be honored to help guide you in your journey of discovery and growing your family, from pregnancy advice and labor support, to birth photography and designing your nest!

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Is this you?

  • Prefer a natural birth, at home, birth center or in a hospital

    and are looking for guidance to give yourself the best opportunity.

  • Know you need the relief of pain medication

    and want no questions asked, non-judgemental support.

  • Planning a Cesarean birth

    and want it to be smooth and memorable for your whole family.

  • Want to capture this once in a lifetime moment

    but need your partner focused on you and not on a camera.

  • Feeling anxious about taking care of a newborn

    and want advice on the little things.

  • Unsure how to design your nest

    and want an artistic touch to make your space cozy and practical.

…You’ve come to the right place!

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This is me. Designer by day & Doula by night, Mommy all the time. I never sleep… almost.

I’m Ana, the designer doula.  So, what on EARTH does design have to do with being a doula?  Glad you asked!  When I was pregnant, I relied on my seven years of experience as an Interior Designer to prepare for the birth of our new life.  It was clear to me that birth, just like a successful design project, requires careful planning, an understanding of risks and benefits, backup plans and the right team to make it happen.  I’ve always had a strong desire to help women and families, so I’ve combined my design experience and passion for birth to become a doula.

One sunny summer morning at 10:02am my sweet baby boy was born, and about three months later, my doula roots took hold.  Soon after I took my training, got certified and got involved in the birth world.  Since then I’ve been helping women in the Greater Seattle Area to be empowered by their birth choices.  My intention as a doula is just that: to give women a positive start to learn about the power and process of birth, and to strengthen the family bond by helping partners find their role in this very sacred experience.

That’s the professional me, the everyday me was born and raised in Romania.  Sure, life might have been difficult during communism, but we had a great sense of community that is still a part of me today.  Some of my favorite things about Seattle are the tight knit groups, from Farmers Markets to mom and pop shops to local support groups like PEPS.  When I’m not working with families, I love to explore the Pacific Northwest with my son and husband, paint, crochet, make jewelry, and read up on birth and design.

Here’s what my clients have to say about me:

Our baby boy was born in August and Ana was an excellent support! Ana was always very responsive and available – before, during, and after our labor. We met for two prenatal visits, she was with us through the entire labor (25 hours!), and followed up with visits to our home postpartum. We received several positive comments about the visual birth plan Ana helped us create (very simple and easy to understand!) and she was very respectful when working with the hospital staff. Through the many hours at the hospital we were glad to have Ana’s calming presence and appreciated her suggestions througout the labor. She was knowledgable of laboring techniques and breastfeeding, but more than that she instilled confiedence and seemed to understand the types of support we needed at the various stages. We would highly recommend Ana’s doula services to others!

Bess Sorensen
Bess Sorensen

Pregnant with our first child, my husband and I felt a connection with Ana during our first visit with her and hired her immediately.  We were not disappointed!   Ana is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth and provides a caring, calming energy that eases new parent-to-be anxiety.  We moved in the last trimester and Ana was flexible enough to meet us at both our old apartment and the new house.  She answered all of our questions and spent time checking in with both of us emotionally during each visit.  Anything can happen during labor and delivery and Ana made sure we were well educated about all of our options when creating our birth plan.  She was available via phone and text and arrived at the hospital within minutes of my husband informing her I was in labor.  After our son was born, Ana helped me feel comfortable breastfeeding and taught me how to use the breast pump.   She provided endless support and encouragement all along the way and responded to our questions with research-based information.  Ana always put our needs and desires first and respected our choices.  It seems obvious that Ana is meant to be a doula.  She exudes warmth and knowledge and provided the support we needed.  We will definitely call her for baby #2.

Holland Omar
Holland Omar

Ana was a joy to work with. She was knowledgeable, kind, and comforting through out both pregnancy and labor. She is easy to connect with and knows how to put everyone at ease. I am not sure what we would have done without her, my husband and I felt incredibly blessed as she helped us labor to bring our daughter into the world. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Rebecca Parks
Rebecca Parks

Recently my family and I moved into a historic home built in 1907 in the Ballard neighborhood. It was a dream for us! So much love and care had already been put into the house that we were able to enjoy just moving in and finding the perfect spot for our belongings. There was one immediate issue for me and that was a chandelier hanging over the kitchen table area. I was ready to get rid of it. I contacted Ana for some design help on new lighting and replacing the chandelier. She brilliantly suggested moving the chandelier into our stairway where there was plenty of room for it to hang and the stairway was not adequately lit. She also suggested adding some crystal droplets to the chandelier to add a touch of elegance and to play with light in the windows -something my girls would love to see.  Ana created this effect beautifully! It’s now a wonderful feature in our home and we were able to repurpose something we already had. I love that.

Angie Light
Angie Light

Ana has become my “Save” button in the complicated world of parenting! I could always tell I wanted a room for my children that would inspire, and be whimsical yet practical but I lacked the implementations and sources to do so. I met Ana right in one of these design crises and she has saved me ever since with her deep understanding of creative space for my little ones. She just gets me and puts my raw thoughts into another dimension! One good example is a lamp she designed and hand painted for my youngest. Not only it has become the subject of conversations but it is also my son’s favorite item in his room! Thank you Ana!

Now we’re off to explore with dragons in their intricate stories …

Georgiana Indrea
Georgiana Indrea

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